There’s mo’ limit!!

November marks the start of the annual campaign Movember, raising awareness of Male cancers and other health issues.

Around 13 years ago, my Dad (45 at the time) was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. Anyone who has had this news will understand how hearing that news hits you. You hear the word used regularly, on TV and other media sources, people talking about it but until it hits you, as close to home as that, it’s impossible to comprehend the true nature of the disease.

Thankfully, my Dad is a survivor and has been given the all clear (a few years ago). This was the first instance of cancer on his side of the family in living memory and will always with me.

So, I’ve decided to take part this year! To see the rules, click here MO13 Rules and to sponsor me, please click here –

Thanks in advance for your support! Stay tuned, I’ll post images along the way, like the little beauty!

The Tom Selleck Look

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